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Wormin - safe parasite removal

Wormin is an effective oral antiparasitic agent. This drug is used in combating disorders associated with damage to the body by various types of worms. This product is recommended for use with enterobiasis, ascariasis, tapeworm disease, trichocephalosis, teniasis, echinococcosis, giardiasis, mixed helminthiasis.

The presence of parasites in the body manifests itself in the following symptoms:

How Wormin works

These capsules are designed to fight all types of worms that can inhabit the human body. The drug Wormin is equally effective on roundworms and tapeworms, flukes.

Natural antiparasitic agents work as follows:

Wormin eliminates all negative consequences of helminthic invasion. This drug has a clear prophylactic effect and helps prevent re -infection. You can buy Wormin in Bulgaria without a doctor's prescription.

Notes! This product is recommended for all family members. This will help guaranteed to get rid of the parasitic infection and prevent recurrence.

The composition of the drug for parasites

Wormin contains several natural ingredients in the form of extracts. The composition of antiparasitic agents includes:


Suffers damage to all types of worms, replenishes nutrient deficiencies (ascorbic acid, saponins, steroid glycosides)


Frees the gastrointestinal tract from worms, destroys parasitic DNA, restores normal function of the intestines and hepatic glands

Black walnut

Removes parasites from various parts of the body, activates the immune system and digestive tract, helps maintain normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels


They are rich in oleuropeion, which destroys worms and fungi, eliminates damage to internal organs, and improves stomach and liver function.


Stimulates the elimination of toxic substances associated with the vital activity of worms, strengthens vascular walls, improves blood circulation

Pumpkin seeds

Disasters affect all existing types of worms, causing the death of adults and their larvae, preventing re -invasion

This product also contains additional compounds: gelatin, corn starch, magnesium stearate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, sodium lauryl sulfate, purified talc and others.

Dangers of worms and worms

clean the body without worms with Wormin

Helminthiasis is dangerous with many complications. If there is no timely treatment, they can provoke the occurrence of anemia, damage to the bronchi or lungs, intestinal obstruction. Infected children may lag far behind their peers in terms of mental and physical development.

Wormin is guaranteed protection against all types of parasites. It will not only eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of helminthic invasion, but also cleanse the bodies of adults and their offspring completely. The drug Wormin is created based on several herbal ingredients, therefore it is considered the safest medicine. This product can be used at different ages (starting from 2 years). On the official website you can order goods with delivery, Bulgaria is also available to place an order.

The benefits of medicine

Unlike other means aimed at destroying helminths, Wormin is non -toxic, not causing an increase in pressure on internal organs during treatment. Other capsule benefits:

The drug does not require adherence to any restrictions during treatment. Wormin can be combined with a wide variety of foods. The product does not interfere with attention or coordination.

Wormin has repeatedly undergone scientific research, which has confirmed full compliance with the stated characteristics. Medicines for parasites have a certificate confirming high efficiency, trouble -free action and safety for the human body. The current product price is leva69 — find out the price in another country.

Doctor's review

Doctor Infection and parasitologists Стефан Стефан
Infection and parasitologists
8 years
Wormin is the leader of modern medicine for parasites in Bulgaria. Capsules destroy worms that live in the intestines or other parts of the body. This product has a natural base and contains no synthetic components. This product is well tolerated at any age. To exclude re -infection, I recommend using the medication with the whole family.